6 Amazing Vacationing Destinations in South East Asia

With many beautiful towns, ancient temples, white sandy beaches, magical islands, vast lakes, nocturnal hiking expedition routes, and mouth-watering delicacies, South East Asia is truly a melting pot of adventure. It is probably the only place where elephant rides, street food, night markets and sky bars collectively define a harmonious lifestyle.

Over the recent past, many people have been escaping from the cold, biting weather in favor of the warm, inviting weather in South East Asia. Of course, the region has perhaps the most exciting cultural attractions and wildlife in the world. But to get the best of what it has to offer, do consider visiting the following holidaying spots this year.

  1. The Unforgettable Cambodia

Cambodia is a country of many attractions, whether you love lazing at the beach, canoeing and swimming at any of its rivers or visiting the many ancient and fascinating museums. Kampot is a perfect weekend getaway destination and it is where you will marvel at an Eco-village, swim or drive up the challenging roads of Bokor Mountain. Further away in Kong Rong Sanloem, you’ll relax at a white sand beach, bask and view the Gulf of Thailand.

Still in the magical Cambodia is a hidden gem called Mondulkiri. It is where you will experience what the rest of the world doesn’t know, including hiking in the tropical forests, leaping into a waterfall below, and motor riding. But the thrill doesn’t end there. If the floating village of Tonle Sap lake or the ruins of Angkor will not surprise you, then nothing else will do.

  1. Thailand

Bangkok is a perfect spot if you would like to visit their ancient temples and sample the rich Thai cuisines. At night, however, everything stops and partying starts. You should also tour Phetchaburi where rich history, pre-historic temples and secret caves await.

Further north, near Myanmar, Kanchanaburi offer lots of outdoor adventure, courtesy of Erawan National Park and Yok National Park. You may end your short sojourn at the panoramic Krabi Province’s white sand beaches and cliff climbing spots. Phra Nang Beach is a place where I’m sure you’ll like to swim at and make beautiful memories.

  1. Indonesia

On the famed Bali Island, Legian is that perfect spot to check in, relax and enjoy the best of Indonesia. It’s found in the center of Seminyak and backpacker Kuta beaches, and some of its features include the scenic horizon. Legian is also accessible because it isn’t as expensive as the other areas of the country. Away from Legian, however, you should make sure that you tour the romantic Ubud where you will also get in touch with nature.

  1. Vietnam

Nothing marks your arrival to Vietnam than Ho Chi Minh City streets filled with scooters and food stalls. You will tour the iconic Central Post Office and Notre Dame Cathedral before leaving for Hanoi for Vietnamese eating experience. Ha Long Bay’s incredible scenery means that it is an amazing vacationing destination. The color blend comprising blue-green Ocean and lush vegetation offer a magical experience, especially when you are cruising through.

Other places to visit include Sapa where beautifully impressive mountain tea plantations offer a sight to behold. Hoi An is a peaceful coastal transitory town where tailor-made clothing and partying is a common occurrence.

  1. Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is suddenly becoming a favorite vacation spot. With ultra-modern neighborhoods, cheaper public transportation system and a lot to marvel in, Malaysia is proving to be the destination to beat.

  1. Singapore

Having been voted as the cleanest place in Asia, Singapore befittingly stands to the tag. Visit the tiny country and experience the fresh, clean air, some moments at the Ferris wheel, food at the world-renowned fine dining restaurants and some incredible hospitality choices.

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