The Leading European Travel Destinations Of 2017

Once again, the list featuring the best of the best European vacation destinations of 2017 is out and the selections might rather surprise you. Forget about the traditionally popular spots; the Barcelonas, Parises, Londons, and the Venices of the world. The newest and perhaps most insightful list digs deeper to uncover some incredibly unique recommendations worth visiting before the end of the year.

With additional opinions and suggestions from a variety of high-authority sources; bloggers and influencers, here’s an ultimate list of the best travel destinations of 2017 in Europe.

  1. Porto

Being a truly exceptional Portuguese city, Porto comes top in the list of must-visit destinations. The “Cidade Invicta” and its history, culture, food, and cuisine, architecture, trade and warm, pleasant weather means that it is always excellent as a vacationer’s spot. Just be sure to sample the country’s trade routes, take photos of the remarkable Sé Catédral, stroll along the peaceful city streets or cruise on the famous River Douro.

  1. Zagreb

Vacationers heading to Croatia often create a beeline for the Adriatic delights of the nation’s beautiful coastline. But the city’s grandeur described by the perfect blend of modern art and culture and historical outdoor canvasses can’t be overlooked. In fact, there’s a newly reopened WWII bomb shelter as well as the food and craft beer spots to be sampled.

  1. Le Havre

For a truly unique French experience, head north to the Normandy region where the historically-rich commune will be hosting a glitzy and glamorous 500th anniversary. Besides the 5-month art and music filled celebrations going down in the small town, you’ll have a chance to see the lost pre-war town, its old and new architecture and, of course, French food!

  1. Milan

Whenever we think of vacationing in Italy, Rome automatically comes in mind. But we are introducing the once headquarters of the western half of the Roman Empire that’s now filled with churches, palaces, and museums. You’ll delight in Milan’s contemporary art and architecture; the imposing marble Duomo, as well as the elegance and style of being a favorite shopping spot.

  1. Gotland

Off the Swedish south coast is an ancient Baltic Island of Gotland where the sunshine is in plenty, pretty much like the historical sites and restaurants. You’ll marvel at its breathtaking scenery, mystery forests, fishing villages and the calm, sandy beaches.

  1. Galicia

Who else would love to stay in a lush countryside village in Spain? Where there are lots of massive plunging cliffs, fishing villages, and warm beaches? Galicia is arguably the most famous gastronomic destinations where seafood are served in plenty.

  1. Leeds

The once popular student city whose nightlife rivals London’s has grown more sophisticated and even include a stunning Yorkshire countryside. Despite being close to Manchester, its large list of modern and stylish boutiques, state-of-the-art coffee houses and restaurants means that it is popular in its own right. It should be on your list too.

  1. Athens

The Greek city has always featured among the most popular holidaying spots in Europe and being on this list isn’t inconsequential. From the iconic Acropolis to the welcoming up-and-coming neighborhoods, art centers, food joints and the all-important and well protected historical city, Athens has it all.

  1. San Sebastian

With a genuinely Spanish cultural identity, jaw-dropping scenery, world-renowned delicacies and the calmness and tranquility of a contemporary vacation spot, San Sebastian is the place to be. You will enjoy the unrivaled beauty of the La Concha Bay, the area’s never-ending festivals and what the royal family fell in love with.


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